Three major types of reactors made by WHGCM are the most popular including the hydrogenation reactor, cladding plate reactor, and high pressure reactors.

These three products are not strictly categorized from a particular dimension, so the relationship between them will be as shown in the figure.
The parts of the three sets that intersect completely can be directly named as cladding plate high pressure hydrogenation reactors. Similarly, the part that intersects between them two by two, means that it has two properties at the same time.
That is to say, our feature reactors are actually the result of merging these three sets of reactors (Red, blue, and yellow ). 
3 sets of the reactors

What's so great about our feature reactors?

They are chemical reactors with special features, for unique use, and are tailor-made from some particular material.
They can meet specific or unique process requirements. Some of them can withstand harsh operational conditions and handle reactive chemicals, high pressure, and temperature ranges beyond normal process conditions.


As they are properly customized, they allow the industry to run in a very efficient way. The custom-designed reactors also reduce the likelihood of expensive and wasteful downtime while ensuring optimal use of raw materials.


Most of them are in large-scope industrial applications, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, food processing, and battery manufacturing.
In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used in drug research and formulation, while in the petrochemical industry, they are used for refining crude oil and producing fuels.
Their production can be challenging due to the complexity of their designs and the materials required to construct them. 
For example, a reactor needs to be built with material resistant to corrosion, heat, wear, and tear. Thus, the fabrication process must adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that the vessel meets the desired specifications. 

Besides the feature reactors, WHGCM also offers other types of reactors to meet clients' various requirements.
Take the Reactor System for example:

These are generally a piece of equipment that is a combination of several specific functions, each part of the equipment has its application. 
Regarding the other types of reactors, they're also of the same category purposes. 

Please feel free to check the categories and find your desired reactor.

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